Today’s Health Tip – Wanna loose weight? Here you go!

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The fat accumulation is a common issue nowadays and many people are suffering from it. You might have got a lot of suggestion about how to reduce the fat in minimum days and in effortless manner like exercise, balance diet as well as workouts. What if we provide you an amazing drink which will melt your fat in only 4 days? Surprised! Well, but it is true. /...

Today’s Health Tip – Benefits of Agathi Greens!

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Applying Agathi keerai juice on forehead cures severe Headaches. Boil Agathi Keerai leaves with water. Wait till the color of the leaves changes. Filter and drink the water. This cures Mouth Ulcer. Taking Agathi Keerai once in a week cures Constipation. Taking Agathi Keerai leaves twice in a week reduces the risk of Hypertension/Blood Pressure. /...

Today’s Health Tip – WheatGrass Juice!

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Wheat Grass Juice cures Any type of ulcer including cancer Suppress Appetite Improve Digestion Treatment for Arthritis Get Rid of Bad Breath and Body Odor   Cleanse the Liver Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels Clear Sinus Congestion Boost Immunity Prevent Tooth Decay /...

Today’s Health Tip – Nutritional Facts of RED BANANA!

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Red Bananas have a high nutritional value and contain large amounts of Potassium, Beta-Carotene and Vitamin C. The powerful antioxidant reduce the risk of Heart Disease and certain types of Cancer. Red Banana is also rich in Dietary Fibers. These dietary fibers reduce the risk of Heart Disease & Type 2 Diabetes. Rich in Vitamin B6 & Prote /...

Today’s Health Tip – Cure for Dysentery!

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Eating PALM FRUIT/NUNGU without peeling out the skin, cures DYSENTERY! 

Today’s Health Tip – Remedy for Giddiness & Tension Headaches

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Soak CORIANDER SEEDS in hot water before bed. Drink this water in empty stomach when you get up fresh. Taking this daily cures GIDDINESS & TENSION HEADACHES.

Today’s Tip – How to cure Fungal Foot Infection

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Grind Turmeric & Neem Leaf and make a paste.  Apply this paste on the affected area for 1 week. Get rid of Fungal Foot Infection!

Today’s Tip – Remedy for Chest Cold!

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Take the juice of Ginger+Lemon & mix it with Honey. Having daily cures you from Chest Cold! To know more Health Tips, Recipes  follow us @

Today’s Tip – Power of Arugampul Juice!

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Taking 10 ml of Arugambul juice daily keeps you away from diseases.

Today’s Health Tip – The Power Of Ivy Gourd!

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Here is the best way to bring back the drug addicted ones to a normal happy life. Taking 2 pieces of Ivy Gourd daily cures the one who are drug addicted.

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