Wonderful & peaceful garden

We have eight different Organic Veggie Gardens for Kitchen Garden. This will lead you HEALTHY & WEALTHY life. Kindly select the preferable Organic Veggie Garden.

Terrace Garden – Starter Pack :      Suggested Plant List for Rs.10,000/-

Green House – Starter Pack :      Green House + Suggested Plant List for Rs.10,000/-

Terrace Garden – Grower Pack :      Suggested Plant List for Rs.15,000/-

Green House – Grower Pack :      Green House + Suggested Plant List for Rs.15,000/-

Terrace Garden – Enjoyer Pack:      Suggested Plant List for Rs.20,000/-

Green House – Enjoyer Pack:      Green House + Suggested Plant List for Rs.20,000/-

Terrace Garden – Oxygen Chamber:      All vegetables Kit

Green House – Oxygen Chamber:      Green House + All vegetables Kit