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Plants were the only medicines that were used in ancient times to restore balance in physical health. It was believed that herbs had the healing capacity and natural efficiency to cure various illnesses.

Herbs are leafy green or flowering parts of a plant which are widely preferred for medicinal, culinary, cosmetic and spiritual purposes due to its absence of side effects. With the growing demand for natural and organic products, herbs, no wonder, are sought after in the market. The demand has spurred the growth of herbal product companies in India and around the world. But the big question is, do the herbal products fulfil the expectations of the consumers or it turns out to be otherwise?


Expectation Vs Reality


A recent study shows that there is a significant increase in the sale of herbal dietary supplements. While this has been a driving point for herbal product manufacturers to increase their productivity, there is a cause for concern about its authenticity and efficacy. Though herbal products have the efficiency to produce the intended results for what it is consumed or used, the making of the product could alter its original properties.


Getting rid of a long-term illness, a glowing skin, healthy hair growth, natural healing process without side effect etc., are some of the reasons why many prefer herbal products over others. But unlike conventional medicines, herbal supplements do not undergo any clinical tests to check its safety.


Being cost-effective, herbal products claim to promote natural healing and strengthen the immune system. Convincing testimonial ads and promotions could be tempting for anyone who wishes to get immediate benefits. But the consumers should also realise that any natural method will take a longer time to experience the desired results. Moreover, herbal medicines are ineffective against some serious illnesses which therefore switching to organic herbals becomes futile.


However, herbals score high over conventional medicines for its low cost, reduced risk of side effects and its widespread availability. Though the healing process takes a little longer, organic herbs offer a satisfactory result for its consumers.


Herbal Products in India


India is the world’s second largest exporter of herbal medicines after China. Home to over 6600 herbal medicinal plants, herbal product manufacturers are on rising day-by-day. The Government of India expects the growth of natural and Ayurvedic products to increase by 8 billion dollars by 2022.


With online becoming the hot-selling place, Ayurvedic companies in India find it easier to bring their herbal products in the mainstream. Herbal and organic products are witnessing a resurgence in the Indian and global market.


Products such as herbal tea, herbal skin care, herbal soap, herbal shampoo, herbal toothpaste, herbal face wash, herbal oil, herbal balm, herbal digestives etc., seem to gain a lot of attention in the recent times. Understanding consumer’s preference, multinational companies to jump in to promote that their products contain natural and organic elements. The recent advertisements are perfect examples of how herbal products have turned the market in India.

Massive consumer awareness is one of the main reasons for this exponential growth of herbal products in the market.


Should We Turn to Herbal Products and Remedies?


The efficacy and efficiency of organic herbs are undeniable. They do have a positive impact on our health. A quick healing method will have a side effect while a natural treatment takes longer but brings no adverse side effects to one’s health. However, extra care should be taken when someone wants to switch to herbal medicines. When certain herbal products mix with conventional drugs, it could create complications in our body resulting in severe health issues.


It is everyone’s desire to stay naturally healthy. Preference to natural and organic supplements has also become a driving factor for several companies to penetrate their products in the market. While it is good to turn to natural supplements, it is also essential to be an informed consumer, knowing what goes into the making of a herbal product.




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