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Herbs as medicines for human and animal healthcare have been in use for centuries ever since humans had understood the use of plants in the treatment of diseases and its control. During the formative years, herbs were ingested directly in treatment, but during the centuries following, as science and technology made rapid strides, humans were able to extract and concentrate the active ingredients and dispense it as medicines in the form of tablets and concoctions.

Herbal medicine has come a long way since the dawn of human history and even among the practitioners of allopath system of medicine. Even allopath depends on herbs in treatment procedures to a certain extent; chiefly as vitamin and diet supplements. The main driving factor in the use of natural herbal supplements in allopath system can be attributed to recent researches and findings.

The principal reason that drives consumers towards natural herbal supplements can be attributed to awareness. The shift in preference for natural herbal supplements is the widely held belief that they are safe even over prolonged use. It is worthwhile to note that even the allopath system of medicine use herbal extracts (in addition to artificially made chemicals and animal blood products) in the manufacture of many medicines and drugs.

Benefits of Herbal Medicine

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) up to 80% of people in under-developed countries, mostly in Asia and Africa are known to use herbs as medicines for treatment of ailments, and that because they are not only effective but also because they are inexpensive. Here are a few other benefits to consider.

  1. Herbs as a medicine is affordable and less expensive than conventional medicine and in most cases can be bought off the shelf without a prescription. They undergo the same legal mandate and procedures before being sold to public.
  2. It is natural and more compatible with the working of the human body because they are made from herbs and is organic. Herbs are rarely chemically modified and therefore don’t interfere with the working of body organs.
  3. Herbal attack the root cause for disorders rather than providing superficial temporary relief; this though only through extended use. Herbals reputedly produce little or no perceivable side effects. The main beneficiaries are those who have lifetime disorders like diabetes and hypertension.
  4. They are great at strengthening the immune system. When the immune system is strengthened, the body’s overall resistance to lifetime disorders is enhanced and helps to prevent reoccurrence. Prevention is better than cure, as the medical professionals say.
  5. It can be prepared at home and in various concentrations to be compatible with your body’s requirements. In other words, it’s like putting the power in your hands.

Effectiveness of Herbs as Medicine

Though much has been written about herbs and medicine, we should not lose sight of the fact that medicines made from herbs are still looked down with contempt by the ignorant. Herbal medicines undergo similar clinical tests and trials as chemically composed medicines made for allopath treatment. This should ward off any misconception about its effectiveness.

Herbal medicines have been used extensively successfully where other medicine systems have failed. Some common ailments for which herbal medicines are more effective include: psoriasis, sexual dysfunction, vision and hearing disorders, skin care and beauty treatments, nutrition deficiency, increasing bone density, sleeping disorders and female infertility.

Is Herbal Medicine Safe?

The reason that makes herbal medicine safe is that the chances of consuming an overdose is rare, and even when overdosed they rarely lead to an uncontrollable situation. It is safe because it is:

  1. Not composed of manmade chemicals
  2. Tested and tried before it is released for sale
  3. Does not decompose easily and is mostly stable
  4. Produces little or no side effects

Ordering from Herbal Products Manufacturers

India is home to many herbal products manufacturers. You can order herbal medicines just by making an internet search. To order herbal medicines you don’t need to produce a prescription from a doctor. Before you order your supplies, read the terms and conditions and check for what is written in fine print.



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