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Moringa is a common flowering plant found in most part of the tropical regions; chiefly in Africa and Asia. Moringa’s medicinal value was known to traditional medical practitioners for a long time. Though its value is much recognised, it is only in recent times it has started to receive due attention. In the past and even today Moringa leaf, seed and fruit (commonly known as a drumstick, because of its shape) is used extensively in Indian curry not only for its exclusive taste (and flavour) but also for its curative effects and enhancing health.

Moringa in any form when it is available fresh, can be consumed directly after cooking, but it is nowadays processed and preserved to make it available throughout the year and in places where it does not grow. Products made from the plant can be used for skin care routine and face care routine. The chief forms are Moringa powder and oil and can be bought online. It is also available in grocery and departmental stores. Moringa powder (edible grade) can be mixed in food preparations to give it a unique flavour.

Moringa Oil for Acne and Skin Care Routine

Skin is an important organ in humans and is primarily responsible for ensuring protection from germ attacks and body temperature regulation and therefore needs to be taken care on a war footing. Some of the common problems associated with skin conditions include acne, pimples and scars. A few drops of the Moringa oil as a face care routine can really work wonders; it can prevent skin infections, prevent skin rashes and help to avoid acne.

Though you might want to use Moringa oil primarily on the face, you can also use on arms and legs. It will not only prevent many skin conditions such as acne but also give your skin a smooth texture. The right time to apply Moringa oil is at night. Moringa oil is a light non-sticky oil and you won’t even feel it is on your skin.

Moringa is not all about healthy skin; Moringa for skin whitening is much preferred because it does not contain any harsh chemicals unlike manufactured skin whiteners that contain harmful ingredients that will produce wrinkles over a period of time.

Before you apply Moringa oil, wash your skin and face with a mild soap and pat dry with a soft towel. Once your skin is free from moisture, simply apply the oil using your palm; that is all to it. You can expect excellent results in as little as two weeks. Doctors say that Moringa oil is best for acne and it’s a proven solution without any side effects.

Moringa in Hair Care

Taking care of your hair can be a really tough job for many, especially for those who spend a great part of their day outdoors. Though there are umpteen numbers of hair creams available in the market that provide some kind of relief and care to users, what sets the Moringa oil routine apart is its superior effectiveness and the freedom it affords the users from side effects. Moringa oil is preferred because of it not only a natural product but also because it’s light to feel and does away with the greasy look of coconut oil for example. Experts agree that Moringa oil routine can not only help to prevent dandruff but also give your hair a luxuriant look.

Before you use Moringa oil on the hair, wash your hair with a good quality shampoo. Pour a small quantity of the oil on your palm and apply it. With your fingers, spread the oil on the scalp with a rounded movement so that the oil is able to penetrate deep into the skin and around the hair shaft. There is no specific time for applying Moringa oil but we recommend you to follow a Moringa hair care routine at night. You can expect great results in just one week or even quicker.

Where to Buy Moringa Powder and Oil?

Buying Moringa powder online is the easiest way to get your supplies. The advantage of ordering Moring power online is that you don’t have to hop from store to store.


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