Children Grow Kit



Children are the future pillar of a country, but they don’t know the importance of the Greens, Vegetables & Fruits…
Asiann Organics has introduced an Educational product “CHILDREN GROW KIT” for Children.

This kit contains Grow Bag, Organic Fertilized Coir Pith, Organic Seaweed Fertilizers & Palak Seeds.

CHILDREN GROW KIT can change our children into an Organic Gardener.

Children will know the importance of Greens, Vegetables, Herbals & Organic Farming…

They will start to eat Veggies & Greens………..

CHILDREN GROW KIT is suitable for Schools & Children  all over the World. It has a huge market in all countries.

CHILDREN GROW KIT Contains : Grow Bag, Organic fertilized Coco Peat Block, 2 Seed Packets [Fenu Greek & Palak] & 30ml of Organic Seaweed Fertilizers

How To Use :

  • Open the Children Grow Kit.
  • Add Water to get the Growing Medium.
  • Add 5 ml of given Sea Weed Fertilizer for 5 Weeks.
  • Plant the given Fenugreek seed.
  • Pluck the greens in 15 days.
  • Plant the given Palak Seeds.
  • Add 10ml of Water twice a week.
  • Cut the Greens in 20 days
  • Enjoy 4 Or 5 Times In The Same Plant


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