Karpuravalli (Coleus aromaticus)



Contains: Grow Bag – 11″ height x 10″ diameter, Herb Sapling, Coco Peat Block, 5 packets of Organic Seaweed Fertilizers.
Way to Use
1. Open ‘Ornamental Grow Mix’.
2. Pour 4 liters of water into the bag. Wait till the block expands.
3. Take an organic seaweed fertilizer, mix with 1 liter water and spread over.
4. Plant the sapling into the grow bag.
5. Repeat step 3. Use one packet of organic seaweed fertilizer continuously once in every four week.
6. During the flowering stage feed the plant with 1 tablespoon of Veg Booster once in every week.
Enjoy the Organic Flowers & Herbs from your garden!
7. After completion of the perfect yield, pluck the plant from the root. Add the necessary Coco Peat and repeat the process from step 3


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