Moringa Stomach Fresh Nutri “T”

(20 individually packed tea bags)

100 % Natural.High in Antioxidant.Caffeine-free.

The nutritional benefits of MoringaStomach FreshNutri “T”  soaks through each tea bag filled with Moringa leaves&Spear Mint Herb

What is AsiannMoringa Stomach FreshNutri “T”?

MoringaStomach FreshNutri “T”, a healthy herbal beverage was consumed in India since ancient time. The Moringa leaves are collected from our organic farms and are processed immediately as soon as they reach our factory. This helps us to offer the freshest infusion to our customers.  Spearmint is a fragrant evergreen& wonderful herb. This herb has been hailed since ancient times for its medicinal properties.

Spearmint is used for digestive disorders including gas, indigestion, nausea, diarrhea, upper gastrointestinal tract spasms, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bile duct and gallbladder swelling (inflammation), and gallstones. The herb not only tastes good in culinary dishes, but it is also a good source of   limonene, dihydrocarvone, and cineol.

Each box of AsiannMoringaStomach FreshNutri “T” Set contains 20 individually packed tea bags.

Avoid boiling & Cooking the leaves to help retain the nutrients best.


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