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The change in food habits and consuming a lot of junk food have led to several health complications. When a disease befalls us, we try to seek an instant relief rather than a gradual recovery. Drugs and pills are our first choices when combating an ailment. On the contrary, in recent times, a lot of people around the world turn to herbal remedies to get cured for any illnesses. The preference to herbal products is mainly due to its healing procedure and lack of side effects. Though Allopathic medicines provide instant results, it does bring other health issues and even can damage the immune system after continuous treatment for major illnesses.

What if you have recently been under Allopathic treatment and switched to herbal remedies or what happens if you mix up both? You may need to take precautions here as mixing herbal supplements with conventional medicines can become harmful to your health.

Mixing Herbal and Allopathy Medicines

When you have been undergoing treatment for your illness through allopathic medicine for a long time and found no solution, switching to herbal remedies could seem to be a promising option. But you must also consult your doctor before doing so. A lot of health complications are spotted after mixing herbal supplements with Allopathic medicine. Doctors say that herbal medicines might alter the effects of prescription medicine, either diluting it or causing harmful side effects to one’s health.

Older people who regularly take pills get easily affected after resorting to herbal products. Surgeons advise their patients not to consume any herbal medicine one week before the surgery in order to avoid any surgery-related side effects. Pregnant women who are taking prescription medication should be very careful not to mix up herbal remedies to avoid potentially harmful effects to the baby.

Herbal supplements do not undergo any clinical tests and the safety of the product is not certified by any Government organization. Hence, it is difficult to prove if the herbal product manufacturer has really used natural supplements in making the product. When artificial components are mixed, it could create serious problem to one’s health.

Herbal Medicine Vs Allopathy Medicine

Herbs have been used since ancient times and they have natural potential to cure any illness. Allopathic medicine or conventional medicine use substance for treatment that produces opposite effect to combat the disease.

Herbal products are cost-effective and provide numerous health benefits. On the other hand, Allopathic medicine could be expensive for major treatment and a complete recovery cannot be guaranteed for few ailments.

When a bone is badly broken, or you need to undergo a surgery for a heart disease or any other ailment or going through a medical emergency, the Allopathic approach is the best option as herbal remedies may not have immediate solutions to such complicated problems.

Should you Go for Herbal or Allopathic?

The best answer depends on how you approach both the medicines. While herbal products offer you the best healing practices, Allopathic medicines provides you instant relief. However, it is highly not recommended to approach both at the same time – it could lead to severe health problems.

Healing is all about bringing balance into our entire system. True healing does not have side effects. Whatever may be the approach, it should address the root cause of the problem, enabling physical and emotional balance.

If you are suffering from a serious illness and undergoing Allopathic treatment, switching to herbal remedies is a bad idea. On the other hand, if you want to have a natural healing, using herbal products could be a good idea. However, for emergencies where one has to undergo a surgery, conventional treatment is the best solution. Hence, it is up to you to make informed decisions and make use the best of both the worlds.


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