Foods are meant for health, not to attract disease!
The one who choose to live healthy will always consume organic foods.
Why organic foods? Well the answer is simple ‘Organic foods for healthy life’. Many of us are not aware of the benefits of organically cultivated foods. We are in the fast world and everyone is scheduled to their busy work. No one is cared about the food they consume which is the key for their life.
NO FOOD NO HUMAN! We cannot consume food that keeps us energetic for an instance rather it should be for lifetime energy living. The main goal for Asiann is to keep you all boosted with energetic life.

Asiann Organics provides you Grow Kits for organic cultivation. Grow kits replaces all kinds of pots, cement slabs/pots etc.

Why Grow Kits and not ordinary pots?

Ordinary pots do not help for an organic growth of a plant. Pots cannot hold UV rays so the lifetime is very less. Moreover pots are costly.
Well our Grow Kits gives the following,
Grow kits contains UV treated Grow Bag, Coco Peat Block, Fertilizer packets, Seeds/Saplings.
UV treated Bag – Protects the plant growth medium from UV rays.
Coco Peat Block – Organically fertilized Coco Peat Block. Contain nutrient for plants growth. Extracts good amount of water content so less watering is needed. Because of its high porosity, it helps to penetrates oxygen to the roots for a better growth.
Fertilizer packets – Organic Seaweed fertilizer for healthy plant growth.
Seeds/Saplings – 100% germination seeds/Organically cultivated saplings.